Tuesday, 20 March 2012


This year saw my second trip to Berlin where I re-visited Fadinensel from my first trip last year and found another new beaut of a shop called Frau Tulpe (Post coming soon). On my first visit to Fadinensel I bought the yarn guide and this time I bought a ball of fantastic Crazy Zauerball which is made in Germany. I'm still not entirely sure I like the way that this kind of yarn knits up but just look at those strands, oooh! I can hear you asking what am I going to use this for if not knitting then. Well, when I saw this it reminded me of the lovely bakers twine which I've seen a lot of recently and thought I'd use this yarn in a similar way. Wrapping parcels, presents, generally tying things up nicely! I haven't had a chance to do any of these things yet, but when I do I'll take a quick snap to show you how I've used it. In the meantime if you want to get your hands on the above Zauerball No.1507 a quick google should find you a few online sellers and here it is for you on the Skacel Collection website.

Sunday, 11 March 2012


...as Debbie Bliss describes in her book 'The knitter's year - 52 Simple seasonal knits'. These pom pom slippers are one other piece I have managed to finish as a gift for Mum with no difficulties. It's a really simple pattern and they've been very popular afterwards with Sarah wanting to knit a few pairs, one for herself (of course) and the others for her friends, lucky people! Who wouldn't want a pair of adult pom pom slippers?!


Here we are and it's March already, can you believe it? It's been a very long time since my last post and I do apologize for this and on behalf of the other 3 too. Whilst I have been busy in the background I haven't been producing as many hand made bits as I usually do. I have been a bit put off after I didn't manage (and still haven't, might I add) to finish my fair while piece in time for the festive holidays, and what's worse, I don't think
it will fit me when made up, very unhappy about that.

I have learnt a few lessons from the past few knitting and sewing projects because of this. A) Don't rush into making a garment, take your time and... B) Get the measurements right before you start. C) Not to make up 
my knitted garments so tightly (More to come on this from the converted aran jumper which is finished!). I think that's enough lessons for the moment, perhaps I should post all of my pieces that don't make the cut to remember what went wrong for future projects, and to show you what I have done to make the others work too.

On a lighter note, above is a recent knit I've finished for a lovely little lady who has not long had her "6 months birthday", her first pair of wheels, wahoooo!

Sunday, 27 November 2011


... before I join the wonderful machine knitting Amy Lawrence at the Winter Arts Market at St George's Hall. We were both lucky enough to get a table on Sunday the 4th of December where I will be selling some of my hand printed paper, letter writing sets, bunting and other festive oddments. I'll also have a few limited edition sheets of hand printed christmas paper. Amy has been a busy bee knitting some snoods, wrist warmers and some adorable bow tie necklaces, sweet!

If you're feeling lucky there's also a competition where you can win a £50 voucher or one of two £25 vouchers which you can spend at the event. See here for details and good luck!

Friday, 11 November 2011


...before running off to work. A friend shared a link with me this morning that I'd like to pass on too! Mum, Grandma, Sarah, get your knitting needles out! A yarn store in New Zealand are requesting people to knit jumpers for penguins that have been affected by the country's oil spill.

Skeinz the yarn store first sent the pattern out only this week which you can find here, the crochet pattern will be out soon so keep an eye on their blog to keep updated. Above you can see some of the stores recent arrivals and some of the lovely penguins keeping warm and trendy with their jumpers on (Photo credit: Toby Zerna/Newspix/Rex USA). Read the full story here on the abc news website.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


I made one of these for both Sarah and Marie when they were babies and they were the handiest winter coats they had for when going out in the pram. I've not long finished this one for a friend of mine and it's just in time for the chilly weather. Marie thinks it looks like a big marshmallow, which it definitely feels like, it's sooo soft! It's best to use the wool that the pattern sheet suggests for this piece which is Sirdar Snuggly (55% Nylon 45% Acrylic). Marie has just ordered some wool from ebay where she got 50g balls for £2.25 each to make her friends recent arrival her winter coat.


Remember a post a while back about my visit to Berlin? Here's a reminder. Well, I mentioned purchasing a gift for my mum which I wasn't sure she'd really use but thought it was worth a try anyway. I finally managed to snap some pics for you to see what it was I was trying to explain! As you can see from the instructions (and lovely finger model!) you slip it onto your finger and then put the different strands of wool into the separators. I'm still not sure mum has actually had a chance to have a go with it yet, I'll have to ask her and update soon! I'm not sure I'd find it much use as I'm sure that's my needle pusher and checker for no wool falling off finger when knitting!